What is the presence of a company secretary permanently?

In practice, a company secretary certificate is filed with the Republic of China with Form No. MGT-8 for each financial year within 60 days from the date of the AGM along with the required registration fees of according to the business register. Office rules and rates 2014.

If the AGM has not been held, submit the certificate to the registrar within 60 days of the most recent day.

Make sure that every secretary who works permanently for the purpose of issuing a certificate has the right at any time to access company records, documents, books, documents. if they are stored in the company’s registry office or elsewhere and have the right to be required by company agents or officials.

Make sure that the company presents each certificate in its AGM.


If your company does not meet the above requirements. The BoardRoom Malaysia company is punished with a fine of at least 1 lakh rupee, but can be up to 5 lakh rupees.

Before appointing a secretary in a full-time practice, make sure that the person concerned meets the definition of secretary in a full-time practice. She is a member of the Institute of Company Secretaries in India and does not work full time anywhere.

The person proposed for appointment holds a Certificate of Practice from the Institute of Business Secretaries of India. The specified certificate is valid.

Please ensure that the full-time appointment secretary https://www.boardroomlimited.com/my/services/employee-stock-options-plan/, by appointment, does not exceed the ICSI company limit, including your own company, during the calendar year.

Generally, the managing director or any other official is empowered to appoint a secretary permanently.

If you decide to appoint a company director, make sure the requirements are established with your associate.