How to stage your home for sale

There are lots of reasons why people stage their home for sale before putting it on the MLS. But these are only a few of the reasons why people stage their homes before listing them for sale. There are also lots of home stage tips to help you stage your home for sale so that it is ready to sell. Here are a few stage your home for sale tips to help you get started:

Decide why you stage your home for sale. A professional home staging is expensive, but: You will pay between $300 and $ 600 for an introductory consultation and as much as nearly double that for each stage worked. Plus, most pros demand a minimum of a three-week contract, whether the home sells the day it goes on the open market. The more sales you make under the contract, the more you pay. In short, this means that buying or selling a home with a home stage makes more sense financially, because you can typically stage your home for sale at a reduced cost.

Stage your home for sale with indoor plants. This can add instant stage to a room. With indoor plants, people generally notice them. They can also bring in a certain mood. Some sellers stage their homes with beautiful flowers and curtains. Other sellers stage with well-placed pieces of furniture, like tables and couches, to give an inviting feel to the space.

How to stage your home for sale

Use natural lighting and plants. Home staging experts suggest having windows and skylights to allow full lighting and the feeling of outdoors. Also, consider lighting fixtures like pendant lights. And another thing to do is to include greenery to your living space. Plants and greenery make a room look more complete and warm and Website

Start your home for sale well ahead of the planned sale date. Most professionals recommend doing things like cleaning up, staging and putting in light fixtures and furniture well before the scheduled sale date. Doing these things early allows you to get all your work in before you have to stage your home for sale. You will save time, money and energy.

If you are working on your master bedroom, take a walk through it looking for focal points and different areas of interest. Your focal points could be an entire room that needs some attention; a particular piece of furniture you love; plants or a collection of art. As you walk throughout your home, think about how furniture and accent pieces lend to the overall design scheme. These same focal points or areas can also be used as place settings or places to highlight photos, artwork, plants and other unique touches.

You don’t have to have expensive furniture to stage your home for sale. If you are working on a budget or just want to stage your home for sale without spending a lot, then use cheap, thrift or yard sales finds to great advantage. Look around your house and see what grabs your attention; then find inexpensive items to stage with. A box of China that smells interesting or old knick-knacks that look charming could bring in buyers and feel like they are getting a good deal. If you can’t find anything in your home that strikes your fancy, look around at thrift stores, consignment stores or garage sales to see what you can find.

One way to stage your home for sale is to utilize neutral colors, simple furnishings and light furnishing. Neutral colors help to set the stage for a sense of calm and peacefulness. You can add greenery but be sure you don’t overdo it. Overdoing it can actually make your home look more cluttered than appealing, so play it safe. If you really want to add some color and pizazz, you can go ahead and stage your home with colorful flowers, or other living accessories.

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