“Women’s Fragrance”- What makes it classic?

We love carrying ourselves in our unique styles. It elevates our individuality and sense of pride. That is the reason people adorn specific fragrances, which become significant in reflecting their persona. We use perfume not only to feel good about ourselves but also to shape the way others feel about us. The way people perceive Women’s Fragrance is different from person to person. Perfume could symbolize hygiene to some while it could define love or romance to others.

Origin of it’s vocabulary 

The word perfume was derived from the latin word “Per”- meaning through and “Fumus“ meaning smoke. Later the French brought their adaptation by modifying it into the word “Perfume”. Perfume has an ancient legacy, from the period it was considered the fragrance produced by incense.

History of Perfume

Different cultures and civilizations used perfumes differently. We often see the description in visual media of Indian Queens drenched in essential oils and BenzoinResin or Sambrani. Flower petals were commonly used in many baths to perfume the water. The first form of perfumes was incense innovated initially by the Mesopotamians about 4000 years ago.

Back then the concept of perfume and fragrances was mainly attached to religion, spirituality and sacredness which gives us an understanding of why different resins and woods are still burnt at religious ceremonies across cultures. Incense was used only for religious occasions until the Egyptians developed perfumes around 3000 BC. The credit for creating the 1st liquid perfume goes to the Greeks but it was the Arab’s technique of distillation that made perfume vividly accessible to people.