Get the best quality products to your doorstep

Get the best quality products to your doorstep

We should be extremely careful in choosing fruits and vegetables from any vendors. We have already seen many items being extremely bad or not fit for eating. Facing such instances a lot of times, some of the food lovers have created Kung Fu Durian, a delivery service that is focused on providing the best-quality durian to the people of Singapore.

The whole team understands the difficulty of getting a fruit that cannot be consumed. For the same, they help people by providing durian delivery serangoon ensuring that people will not be dealing with unreliable vendors anymore. Many people have also complained of the low-quality fruits and vegetables that have been provided.

To eradicate this, they have come up with a same-day delivery service that includes picking the best fruit of the bunch. Whatever may be the need, they have all kinds of durian made available and you only need to place the order through the website and within the night, you will get the fruit delivered to your doorstep.

durian delivery serangoon

What are their services?

  • Kung Fu Durian provides take away to those who visit their store and provide durians that are packed in tightly sealed packs and boxes that will help in maintaining the freshness of the fruit.
  • Along with the durian delivery Serangoon, the fruit is also freshly de-husked and packed in standard 600g containers or boxes.
  • The delivery charges are also waived off for the minimum order of $98 and otherwise, a flat fee of $9.90 deliver fee is levied on every order.
  • They also provide their services to corporate events. For the same, the order must be placed a week before the event.
  • Upon the placement of the order, the fresh fruits will be delivered at the exact time on the selected locations.
  • In this process, discounts for bulk orders are also provided to help the firms enjoy high-quality fruits at affordable costs.
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