Homemade funny coasters for your loved ones

Homemade funny coasters for your loved ones

You can make products that are everyday in the comfort of your home. From home cleansers to cookie cutters to glass coasters, each one these things can be made using materials. Glass funny coasters are items that are practical and trendy which you can make at home using materials. The materials can be found as well and making just a couple of minutes is required by them. You may use these coasters as presents or you could use them as funny coasters if you get tired of the coasters you find at the local home store. Homemade funny coasters can be frame coasters, floppy disk coasters, tin can coasters, wooden coasters or vinyl. Here are a few hints, suggestions and tips for creating your own homemade coasters.

funny coasters

  • Funny Coasters are cute and coasters which are really picture frames. Due to the size, they can fit in the table and their glass material makes for a piece that is complimenting. Use frames that have a thin frame boundary so the glass can easily fit in the middle. It is also possible to have photos or any pictures laminated and make these as coasters.
  • The Interior of a floppy can make as alternative to the funny coasters. Due to their curved shape, the insides of an old floppy disk could be laminated and made into a classic black coaster. Discard the square outer shell as their dimensions would not be suitable for average table dimensions.
  • If you have discarded or put your floppy disks in the attic, use old CDs instead. It is possible to place cloth borders on the CDs or put carton material on the floor so the CD coasters would not slide on the table.
  • Tin Can covers make for great coasters also. Cut out the cover into a round shape and set fabric or cork material on the borders or edge as the sharpness of the tin can easily cut through a person’s skin.
  • Get a board of cork and cut them into round shapes for another coaster that is traditional. You can be creative onĀ funny coasters with its edge along with other particulars or design that you want with it since the substance is already flexible.
  • A Spare vinyl thing can be cut into funny coasters and they may be durable and non-slip also.

You can also experiment with different materials but just be certain to use material that is waterproof in case of accidental spills. Also use material that is not so slippery when put on the surface of your table. Do not forget that no matter how beautiful or unique your funny coaster is, security should still be the top most concern. With ideal materials, a little imagination and some patience, you can make just about anything at home.

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