Mens Counselling – What Guys Feel About Feelings?

Mens Counselling – What Guys Feel About Feelings?

Biology and social Conditioning are primarily responsible for the huge differences between women and men on this issue of feelings. Men might not be compared to talking about feelings just as much as girls believe, just not necessarily the type of feelings girls are comfortable sharing. At the conclusion of a Difficult day for the two people, a married couple comes together. There were plenty of problems and things did not go easily. For the majority of women, discussing the challenges she faced during the day is exactly what she would like to do. Most men wish to forget about their challenges in the end of a difficult day.

In situations like This it is typical for a wife to believe that she’s being treated rudely by her husband. They simply wish to contact their guy and spend some time together. When a woman attempts to connect with her guy so as to share information regarding her problems, he appears to shut out her. What is the matter with him? Does not he care about me?

What is going on here?

Being alone is a Woman’s biggest fear. Her greatest desire is for link, or familiarity. This means that sharing bad news with her husband is still better than sharing no news at all for her. What she would like to achieve is a feeling that she’s not alone in the struggles she faces.

A man’s greatest fear is being incompetent. His greatest desire is to be responsible. He wants to have the ability to respond and have the ability to stand on his own two feet. Talking to his wife at the end of a tricky day about the things did not go well often cause him to feel like he is neglecting her as a husband.

Strangely enough, some Of the husbands with the most powerful loving dedication to their wives and children have the best difficulty sharing their challenges together mens counselling. They are attempting to protect their family members rather than burden them with the issues they confront. It is an admirable trait, this need to protect the family from injury. It can be taken too far though, as it shuts women from working as a team with their husbands.

A husband’s ability to Provide for and protect his family has been his principal role for most of recorded history. His ability to open up emotionally and discuss his feelings in A constructive manner with his spouse was not a defining characteristic in what made him a successful husband life coach hong kong. His ability to survive hardships at work and in conflict to ensure the family’s welfare is what was most important in defining his Achievements as a husband and father. Although expectations regarding Union and intimacy have changed during the past couple generations, the stoic Male warrior is still a main role guys are conditioned for.

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