Questions you need answers of regarding working from home

Questions you need answers of regarding working from home

Working from home is a common thing now because of the pandemic. And, that is why where are some questions you may need answers of, if you are new to this system. Click here for virtual team building.

How to ensure the of professionalism while working from home?

The answer is simple- assume that you are at your office. While you are at home, dress properly (strict formal dress-code is not needed, but also do not start working in pajamas), seat at your table on time. Do not leave your work station otherwise is it completely necessary. Obviously, you will need time for food, washroom break. The main thing is, showing the same intent as if you are working at your office. Visit this site for remote team building.

How to choose your home workspace?

You need a dedicated space taking into account several factors, this space is well lit and properly air conditioned in all seasons. It is of course quiet, far from outside noise (traffic, etc.) odors (cooking, etc.) and the various disturbances that may occur during the day.

How to deal with the problems cybercrime and protecting privacy?

As a reminder: family members cannot use company equipment. You must also verify that your laptop, internet connection is secure and there is no chance of cybercrime.

How to organize work schedules at home, breaks and meals?

Here are some points to be aware of: set a start time for working from home and specify the times when you must be absolutely reachable. You have to think about your breaks and meals and check regularly during talks with the hierarchy and colleagues the level of workload imposed.

How to manage the risk of professional isolation?

Participating in company meetings and social gatherings, and scheduling weekly face-to-face telephone conversations with management are a good way to maintain the connection with the company and to break professional isolation.

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