Three Best Performing Stocks Which Have Doubled in 2021

Three Best Performing Stocks Which Have Doubled in 2021

When it comes to stock trading, everything is possible. A company’s stock can rise and fall overnight. There are big company companies which diminishes whereas some new companies which come on top.

However, ever since the pandemic, there have been lots of changes in the stock prices. Some companies have performed well, whereas others have disappointed the investors.

One such company which have surprised the investors is Bionano Genomics. Nobody expected this penny stock to double this year. However, it had clearly proved that everything is possible in a stock market.

At the beginning of the year, NASDAQ BNGO price at has almost doubled. It has become one of the most popular stocks in the market. We don’t know whether the company will be able to keep the boost in price stable, but it has definitely won hearts in 2021.

Three Best performing Stocks in 2021:

We have completed the first quarter of 2021, and some stocks look quite appealing to investors. As per the stock price comparison, there are three companies that have broken all the records in the begging of 2021. The stock price of these three companies has almost doubled in 2021.


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  • Bionano Genomics:

It is a life sciences instrumentation company that develops various products and technologies to map genomics. This company is listed as NASDAQ BNGO. This company has reached the top 100 positions on most of the trading platforms. Before 2021, most of the investors were not even aware of it. However, with the price surge at the beginning of the year, it emerged as a clear winner. Even though the initial hype is over, the stock is still up by 108%. The price of the stock was $0.50 in December. However, it skyrocketed in the month of February. It increased to $10. After the initial hype, the price again went down to $4, but it is better than before. With the installation of Saphyr systems, they have a huge potential for future growth.

  • Aphira: 

This is another company which have done quite well at the beginning of 2021. It is listed as NASDAQ APHA. It deals in marijuana. They have plans to merge with Tilray. It is one of the factors which boosted the stock price. The stock price of this company has increased by 106%. With the legalization of cannabis, this company have great potential.

  • Ocugen:

It is a biotech company that helps to develop a vaccine. With the latest partnership with Bharat Biotech to develop a covid-19 vaccine, the stock price of this company has increased. The price has increased by 277%. It is listed as NASDAQ OCGN.

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