Defending Your Rights Under the Employment Laws

Defending Your Rights Under the Employment Laws

With the changing times and increasing accounts of job-related disputes comes the need for various laws that emphasis on resolving these particular issues. Along with this, the employment force should be able to completely understand their rights under the pre-existing law provisions and utilize them to protect their own interests.

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Specifically in Los Angeles, the workers are guaranteed of legal remedies and protection from abusive employers who fail to manage them lawfully. Here are some of the following rights and privileges that are somehow helpful for the employees who may have experienced employment discrimination or abuse:

Right against Discrimination

As stated under the California Government Code and Federal Code Title VII, it is unlawful to discriminate and/or harass workers based on their:

  • Age
  • Race, shading or national origin
  • Gender or pregnancy
  • Religious affiliation
  • Marital status
  • Disability

In addition, as provided by the Labor Code, employers are not allowed to retaliate against their employees who:

  • Uphold their rights for reasonable wages
  • Filed their complaints regarding the unhealthy and/or hazardous workplace
  • Asserted their rights for worker’s compensation
  • Testify before the court, revealing the illegal activities in the company
  • Involved themselves in other lawful activities not related to work, for example, political activity and abilities enhancement trainings

Any employee who will experience these violations may file their case with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement within six months preceding date when the discriminative act occurred in PhotoEnforced.

Family and Medical Leave Act

Every employee may have the right to utilize a three-month leave without the fear of losing their job for the following reasons:

  • Take care for a newly conceived baby or adopted youngster
  • Provide attention for a family member who has a serious ailment or health condition
  • Seek treatment for their own sickness

Organizing a Labor Union

Employers do not have to interfere in any manner regarding the formation of a labor union and any of its lawful activities. Unless these labor actions are being done in an orderly and under the restrictions of the law, the company owners cannot file any case against union members.

Any instance of employer interference or harassment related to this issue may be reported to the National Labor Relations Board within a period of 180 days.

Workplace Safety

To protect their workers from possible hazards in their workplace, the employers should provide them with adequate training seminars and programs on how to protect themselves on the job. In the event that necessary, the companies should supply all the protective equipment and gears.  Employers disregarding this right of the workers may be brought to the Division of Occupational Safety and Health.

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