Operations Manual With Executive Protection Training

Operations Manual With Executive Protection Training

An Operations Manual Postman Should present your executive protection EP team members the fundamentals directly connected to your defense procedures whether your staff is a member of a police VIP protection unit or personal executive protection unit. The Postman should explain the EP mission, functions, positions, organization, and control structure. The Postman should also help the EP staff to prepare and plan for missions. It should assist EP members to adapt to standard operating procedures SOPs to any given situation in the area, by using the knowledge, skills, judgment, and SOPs within the manual.

All EP team members must be trained on the processes within the Postman. Training should include adequate instructors, training devices, aids, equipment, documents, facilities, and related software to ensure mission requirements are satisfied. Training shall consist of detailed field operations descriptions, operations situations during each mission phase, and contingencies. The teachers utilizing the Postman should also describe the use of the EP staff in the security of customer’s assured, capable teams through tough, realistic training. At The strategic level the Postman should provide best practices for EP agents when protecting customers, VIPs or dignitaries. It should also focus on how to do a comprehensive improvement for a safe mission environment.


EP, Protective coverage, safety and customer care should be the dominant consideration when creating your Postman. They should help minimize potential dangers to your customers and help the EP staff make consistent security decision in the area. Keep safe and God speed. Accurately And effectively identifying surveillance, like everything comes down to a high number of variable elements. The ability of the surveillance group and the ability of the anti/counter surveillance operators are the significant factors. It is quite easy to look but really quite tough to see. Many close bodyguard schools officers have just done, at most a short week or 2 of surveillance training. Generally this is simply not enough to have an extensive ability to spot organized surveillance teams. A trained hostile surveillance team should be able to spot anti-surveillance and prevent it. This is compounded even further if the people carrying out the anti-surveillance do not know what they are searching for, particularly so if they are in a foreign environment.

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