The relationship between Gastronomy and Indian Cuisine

The relationship between Gastronomy and Indian Cuisine

The gastronomy of India has been highly influenced by all those civilizations that throughout its history have colonized this country. Click here for best indian food hong kong.

Tradition of different religion/tribes

Its gastronomy is influenced by Hindu and Muslim traditions, but the Portuguese, Persians and English have contributed, at a certain point in history, to some aspects of their cuisine. The trends from outside have been mixed and fused with those of each corner of India, and it is what has given rise to that gastronomy that we know today, with that conglomerate of flavors, textures and forms as diverse as its people and culture.


The first thing we think of Indian gastronomy are spices, spicy flavors and vegetables, and the truth is that it is the most characteristic, always taking into account the enormity of this country and the number of different styles according to the regions. Some people think that the smell of spices was what attracted the British to India. Visit this site for best indian restaurant hong kong.

Indian food

All the dishes in Indian gastronomy, or most, are seasoned with ground spices, whose combination to make the dressings is called masala. One of the most widely used spices is curry, which is actually a mixture of spices such as ginger, coriander, nutmeg, cardamom, poppy seed, and even cloves and saffron. You have to know that curry is often called a dish, and even a festive menu.

Rice and Roti in Indian food

In Indian gastronomy they use rice a lot, as well as legumes such as channa or toor (chickpeas), urad and mung (black lentils and green lentils). Channa can be used as flour passed by a mill obtaining what is called dhuli moong or dhuli urad. Bread is usually made with a special type of whole wheat flour. To cook flatbreads like roti and paratha they use the “tawa” (grill), and the “tandoor”, which is a cylindrical oven heated with charcoal, to cook breads like naan, kulcha and khakhra. The famous tandoori chicken is also cooked in the tandoor. Other known breads are puri and bahtoora which are fried in oil.

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